Casio GzOne Commando User Manual and Guide PDF Download

Are you searching for Casio GzOne Commando smartphone user manual or owner guide? Download user manual for Casio GzOne Commando here. This Casio GzOne Commando user manual has 318 pages in PDF file format with 4.96 MB in size. You can also download it directly from This Casio GzOne Commando manual contains any information and instruction how to operate the Casio GzOne Commando properly.

Casio GzOne Commando powered with Android 2.2 (Froyo) Operating System. It equipped with 3.6 inch Touch screen display with Virtual QWERTY Keyboard, 5.0 Megapixel camera with auto focus and flash, 3G Mobile Hotspot Capable, bluetooth v2.1 +EDR, Wi–Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 8 GB microSD (up to 32GB microSD / SDHC), GPS/E911, battery type 1460mAh Li–ion, etc.

Table Contents of Casio GzOne Commando manual:

– Getting Started with Your Phone
– Basic
– Connecting to networks
– Connecting to devices
– Accounts and sync
– Email
– Messaging
– Mobile IM
– Browser
– Camera
– Gallery
– Music
– Calendar
– V CAST Apps Store
– V CAST Music with Rhapsody
– V CAST Tones
– V CAST Videos
– VZ Navigator
– My Verizon Mobile
– More Applications
– Settings

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