Samsung Replenish Owner Manual Guide PDF Download (Sprint)

If you are the owner of Sprint Samsung Replenish mobile phone, here is user guide for Sprint Samsung Replenish for you. Samsung Replenish user guide has any references about how to operate this mobile phone, such as introduction Sprint Samsung Replenish mobile phone, device menu, how to start your phone, setting up service, all about your phone, device basic, phone settings, call settings, manage contact, tools, install/remove microSD Card, how to use the camera, how to access the bluetooth, about Sprint services, web services, how to use GPS navigation, etc.

Sprint Samsung Replenish is an Android smartphone that comes with Android 2.2 Froyo Operating System. It has Eco-Friendly Design. Sprint Samsung Replenish Equipped with Touch QWERTY bar phone and 2.8-inch (1.8 inch x 2.6 inch) TFT QVGA display, 2 megapixel camera and camcorder, Wi-Fi and GPS capable, Bluetooth 2.1, 2GB microSD card slot (up to a 32GB memory card), RAM/ROM: 512MB/512MB and 1600 mAh Standard battery.

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Download FREE Samsung Replenish mobile phone user guide.PDF

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